Vengeance Saga


Having left your home behind and travelling far across Faerun, you arrive in the city state of Eridan, north of Tymanther. Curious about the history of a place with such a diverse population, you decide to spend some time here learning of it. During your research you hear rumours of a powerful sorcerer, Kysaduras, that one lived in the region, but who disappeared during the spellplague, along with a considerable mass of land. Further study leads you to believe that the spellplague must have torn the land free, creating an earth mote. The next stage of your research does not go so well however.

Your investigation into earth motes in the region has attracted someone’s attention; someone who disapproves of this line of enquiry. When they came for you, you were ready but their numbers were great, though they paid in blood for your capture. You do not know for certain why you still live, but you assume it is for interrogation.

Lead into the nearby forest and into a stone structure within, your spirits fall when you see the teleporation circle waiting for you. As you stand in the centre waiting to be taken to some unknown location the iron doors are blown off their hinges and bolts of lighting strike down two of the guards. In steps a drow, already preparing his next attack.

Hope is short lived however, as the mage nearest you activates the circle and you are teleported… straight into another battle. Before you a dragonborn, a goliath and an orc are fighting two beleaguered humans. If you survive this you will have an interesting tale to tell. You hurl yourself at the nearest of your captors.



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