Vengeance Saga


You tear the pages from the open book, seething with anger. Useless! Stepping over the corpse of your former master you stride towards the door. Before you reach it, however, a sight out of the corner of your eye stops you in your tracks. A diary? You were not aware your master had kept such a thing. Flicking through it you come across an entry that makes your heart race. It tells of an old enemy your master once faced. An enemy with the same affliction as you. An enemy who survived. Kysaduras.With new found purpose you leave your master’s study for the last time.

The elf falls to your feet now that your dagger no longer supports his weight. After months on the surface under the accursed sun you have a lead. Time grows short, however, as you can feel the wild magic tearing at your mind more ferociously with every passing day. You must find this tiefling bard, the one who may know the location of what you seek. Raising the hood of your cloak you head back out into the night.

You will not fail, not when you are so close! Someone has beaten you to him, but they cannot elude a drow. Passing through the forest you arrive at the stone structure just in time to witness a bound tiefling ushered trough the doors which promptly slam shut behind him. Moving forward you stop resisting the chaos within.

Your second attack is unleashed before your first has finished blowing the iron doors off their hinges, and two of the forms within fall dead. Up ahead you see the familiar form of a teleportation circle flare to life and your quarry disappears. Those remaining quickly gather atop the circle and begin casting again. Moving flat out you make the circle just as it flares again. Releasing another burst of energy you quickly take in the battle being fought around you. More people in your way.



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